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History of NCB

The Nutrition Certification Board was founded 1972 to certify Nutrition Counselors and Specialists. The title Certified Nutrition Counselor™ was abandoned in 1994 annd relplaced with the designation Certified Nutrition Coach™.

It turns out to have been an unfortunate decision to abandon the tradename Certified Nutrition Counselor as several organizations grabbed the name and created an illegal "paper mill" non-accredited certification based on selling indefensible certification. This is still happening as this is written in August, 2009.

It's unfortunate because the people who market and sell these certifications make a lot of money and turn their backs on their certified people who have a problem with a license board or federal government agency.

In 1998 NCB contracted with the Natural Therapies Conflict Resolution Services then operating in Boulder, Colorado to mediate on behalf of any person certified by our board. NTCRS has moved to North Carolina and still has an excellent record for helping our certified professionals resolve issues they have with a license board or governmental agency.

In 1992 a competitor started certifying nutrition counselors. Two years later NCB acquired that board, changed the name to Nutrition Coach Certification Board and ran it as a separatre entity until 2002.

The economic downspin following 9-11-2001 encouraged the NCB and NCCB boards to merge under the NCB banner. The merger was completed on September 11, 2002 in memory of the disaster one year earlier.

In 2009 NCB became a part of For Health First which manages and operates NCB to this day.

For Health First™ (4H1)

Founded January 1, 2009

Currently manages and operates the following nonprofit organizations:

  • Health Certification Board™ (HCB) - formerly HCCB™

  • Detox Certification Board™ (DCB) - merging into NCB during 2012

  • Nurse Nutritionist Certification Board™ (NCCB)

  • Nutrution Certification Board™ (NCB)

  • Natural Therapies Conflict Resolution Services™ (NTCRS)

  • Your Toxic World™ (YTW) -- currently being rebuilt after being hijacked

  • You Heal Yourself™ (YHY)



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