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About the Nutrition Certification Board


The Nutrition Certification Board is accredited by the American Accreditation Commission and satisfies the requirements of the Commission on Higher Education for a certifying agency. No, we have not sought and will not seek accreditation from the Commission. Redundancy is not necessary, and it is expensive.

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The Nurtition Certification Board is operated and managed by For Health First which also operates and manages the following organizations:

  • Health Certification Board™ (HCB) - formerly HCCB™

  • Detox Certification Board™ (DCB) - merging into NCB during 2012

  • Nurse Nutritionist Certification Board™ (NCCB)

  • Natural Therapies Conflict Resolution Services™ (NTCRS)

  • Your Toxic World™ (YTW) -- currently being rebuilt after being hijacked

  • You Heal Yourself™ (YHY)

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